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CROSS meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
A2 I or T. to go across from one side of something to the other.: It's' not a good place to cross the road. Look both ways before you cross over cross the road. Cross the bridge and turn right.
Cross Wikipedia.
Unicode has a variety of cross symbols in the" Dingbat" block U2700U27BF.: The Miscellaneous Symbols block U2626 to U262F adds three specific Christian cross variants, viz. the Patriarchal cross, Cross of Lorraine and" Cross of Jerusalem" implemented as Cross potent.,
Cross Definition of Cross by Merriam-Webster.
cross 4a: 1 Latin, 2 Calvary, 3 patriarchal or cross of Lorraine, 4 papal, 5 cross of Lorraine, 6 Greek, 7 Celtic, 8 Maltese, 9 Saint Andrew's, 10 tau, 11 pommée, 12 botonée, 13 fleury, 14 avellan, 15 moline, 16 formée, 17 fourchée, 18 crosslet, 19 quadrate, 20 potent.
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