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Synonyms: candle, spill, wick, glim old-fashioned More Synonyms of taper. A taper is a long, thin candle or a thin wooden strip that is used for lighting fires. Synonyms: candle, spill, wick, glim old-fashioned More Synonyms of taper. See taper off.
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Taper pin, used in manufacturing. Taper insertion pin, used in body piercing. Tapering, a period of rest before competition. Taper concert, a person who records audio concerts, usually via portable setup. Taper, a type of men's' haircut see crew cut.
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Taper is often used with the word off" Part of the power of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is how the two walls appear to taper off into infinity. As a verb, taper can refer not just to physical objects that narrow: the weather forecast might call for heavy snow that will taper off at the end of the day, and public interest in a political scandal might taper off over time.
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Typically a transvestite. Is that actually a chick, or a taper? by The Duge February 05, 2009. Get a taper mug for your buddy Trump. taper is a short word for toilet paper. dude, where did you put the taper?
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See more results. taper verb I or T REDUCE AMOUNT. to gradually become less in amount, or to make something do this.: The new tax credit will gradually taper for higher earners. It is important to taper medication to prevent narcotic withdrawal syndrome.
Tapering Definition.
Fed, Bank of England, European Central Bank, Bank of Switzerland, and Bank of Japan have all proposed or attempted to taper or unwind their QE policies, only to subsequently renew and accelerate asset purchases and continue expanding their balance sheets.
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Learn More About taper. Post the Definition of taper to Facebook Share the Definition of taper on Twitter Time Traveler for taper. The first known use of taper was before the 12th century. See more words from the same century.
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From Middle English taper, from Old English tapor taper, candle, wick of a lamp, of uncertain origin. Perhaps from Latin papyrus papyrus, used in Mediaeval times to mean wick" of a candle, or of Celtic origin related to Irish tapar taper, Welsh tampr a taper, torch.
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Related topics: Household, Technology taper taper 2 noun countable 1 DH a very thin candle small boys holding lighted tapers 2 T BURN a piece of string covered in wax, used for lighting lamps, candle s etc The box contained a taper to light each firework.

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