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Template Definition of Template by Merriam-Webster.
Abby Smith, Washington Examiner, Daily" on Energy: Democrats try to please everybody with climate plan, 30 June 2020 Even a quick glance at the history of My Little Pony fandom serves as a valuable template for how not to build an online community.
TEMPLATE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a method or system that can be copied and used by others.: serve/act as a template for sth The deal will act as a template for future negotiations. provide/create/become a template for sth Transport for London believes the new charging system will become a template for congested cities across Britain.
Template Wikipedia.
Template C, a tool for generic programming especially in the C language. Template metaprogramming, a programming technique used by a compiler to generate temporary source code. Template method pattern, an object-oriented design pattern. Template processor, a system that combines a template with data to produce an output.
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Brochures, Business, Tri-fold, Pamphlets. Commercial Real Estate Brochure Template. Real Estate Materials, Brochures, Tri-fold, Business, Real Estate Brochures, Pamphlets. Residential Real Estate Property Tri-Fold Brochure Template. Real Estate Materials, Brochures, Tri-fold, Real Estate Brochures, Pamphlets. Golden Gate Bi-Fold Travel Brochure Template.

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