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The effect of rate of growth on the qualities of chestnut wood is summarized by the same authority as follows.: When" the rings are wide, the transition from spring wood to summer wood is gradual, while in the narrow rings the spring wood passes into summer wood abruptly.
Wood-burning stove ban will not be enforced against householders Air pollution The Guardian.
The mayors office did not deny the claim. Khan has written to Michael Gove, the environment secretary, asking him to amend the Clean Air Act to give him the powers to create zones where the burning of solid fuels such as wood is banned.
Ban wood-burning stoves? Not in my back flue! Pollution The Guardian.
How anyone ever believed that directing all this filth into the air outside our homes made all that danger go away is the actual mystery here. Yet, I know for a fact that a prominent green used to pride himself on dragging wheelie bins full of discarded wood back home to provide ethically warming recycled fuel, and advised others to follow suit.
Air pollution: Sadiq Khan calls for ban on wood-burning stoves Air pollution The Guardian.
Next year we will publish a comprehensive Clean Air Strategy which will address all sources of air pollution. We are also raising consumer awareness about the impact of burning wood on health and working with industry to help reduce harmful emissions.

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