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Imperial Candles Original Jewel Candles and Bath Bombs.
Discover 925 Sterling Silver or Gold surprise jewellery inside our soy wax candles, bath bombs and gift sets. Create Scented Memories. Stand-out by burning the new generation of candles! Surprising, enticing and bold, Imperial Candles hide a piece of jewellery inside.
Patchouli And Orange Flower Candle Made in England.
How to Care For Your Patchouli and Orange Flower Candle.: The first burn of your candle is important. Once a melt pool has formed, allow it to melt to the edge of your candle. This will help the candle burn evenly and prevent tunnelling.
The Candle Project At Brighton Festival Brighton Festival.
With Abigail, participants assemble a traditional beeswax candle and place it amongst a large candle installation. A lighting ceremony at the end of the week marks a special moment, a communal burn, after a time of transition for many, perhaps unarticulated.
Candles Cowshed.
Free shipping on UK orders over 25. Whether it's' at home or on holiday, relax and unwind with scented candles in our signature moods. Our spa-inspired room candles are made from 100% natural soy wax to deliver a clean burn.
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Our luxurious selection of scented candles soothe the soul, improve your mood and exhude fragrance. Create a cosy atmosphere in the comfort of your own home relax, dim the lights and enjoy. With a wide variety of both jar and tin candles available, having some me time has never been more pleasurable.
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One of our Classic Candles, made from natural wax and presented in our traditional patterned glass. Always leave at least 10cm between candles. Do not burn in adraught.Do notplace neara heat source. Place the candle upright.Do not burn on or.
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