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There is, nevertheless, an important conceptual distinction in Newtonian physics between inertial" mass" and gravitational" mass, although these quantities are identical; the conceptual distinction between these two fundamental definitions of mass is maintained for teaching purposes because they involve two distinct methods of measurement.
MASS Turning your data into operational advantage.
MASS hosted two remote workshops with 70 Air and Defence College, Lincoln students. MASS Electronic Warfare training experts and RAF veterans, Dave Sweeting and Mal Solley, organised and ran the workshops to support the students learning and provide a source of expertise about all things RAF.
Mass in the Catholic Church Wikipedia.
64 By tradition, they may celebrate Mass three times on Christmas Day the Midnight Mass or Mass" of the Angels, the Dawn Mass or Shepherd's' Mass, and the Day Mass or Mass" of the Divine Word, each of which has its own readings and chants.
Sixth mass extinction of wildlife also threatens global food supplies Food The Guardian.
Chips, chocolate and coffee our food crops face mass extinction too. Three-quarters of the worlds food today comes from just 12 crops and five animal species and this leaves supplies very vulnerable to disease and pests that can sweep through large areas of monocultures, as happened in the Irish potato famine when a million people starved to death.

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